Prospective Students

Welcome to our musician group!

New students will have a brief audition or interview directed by an instructor. The purpose of this audition is to assess a student's ability to play an instrument and to determine his or her background in music. Intermediate and advanced students may be asked to play one to two pieces of their choice and a few major and minor scales.


To schedule an interview, please fill out the Interview Request Form below. You will receive a confirmation for interview via email. After the confirmation, an interview fee can be paid.

How to Register

How to Register

1.Set up an interview by submitting interview request form.


2. Submit an audition video (free choice of repertoire, youtube or google photo link recommended) to bellevuemusic.org@gmail.com. Not required for beginners.

3. After an interview with a teacher, register online using the registration form below.  Registration fee can be paid by clicking the 'Registration fee' button below.
Or please download and fill out the Registration Form and bring it back to our studio.

Tuition and Fees

All tuitions do not cover the cost of instrument rental, music, and materials. Tuitions will vary depending on the program. Tuition must be paid in order to reserve a time for lesson. ​

Payment Information
Tuition must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the first lesson or class. We accept payments by cash, check or zellepay or online payment on our website. All checks should be made payable to Bellevue Music Academy. 

Returned Checks
There is a $30 fee for all returned checks.

Late Payment
Late payment beyond the due date will accur a $20 late fee charge per week. Bellevue Music Academy reserves the right to suspend or terminate instruction for students who do not meet their financial obligations by the deadlines.

Withdrawals and Refunds
All requests for withdrawal and tuition refund must be submitted in writing on a Termination Form. Verbal requests of intention to withdraw do not fulfill this requirement. Informing the teacher of intent to withdraw also is not considered notice of withdrawal.  The effective date of withdrawal is the date that the written notice is received, not the last date of lesson or class. Please allow two to three weeks for the processing of refunds. 
A $50 withdrawal fee will apply to all requests for tuition refund.

Withdrawal from 3 month private lessons,
Refunds will be made as follows:

- A 50% tuition refund will be given to students withdrawing before the 4th lesson.

- There will be no refund for students withdrawing after the 4th lesson.

There is no refund available for 1 month semester or group classes.



Withdrawal from school year program,

- Students may withdraw with 4-week notice, forfeiting the current month and last month.

- Tuition made in full will be recalculated with the single lesson rates and the remaining balance will be forwarded to the student.

Concert Hall

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Interview Request