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Violin Players


Bellevue Music Academy aims to provide a diverse learning experience through quality instruction in a professional atmosphere with guidelines subject to individual growth. It is very important that students come to lessons prepared. With practice comes increased enjoyment and progress! Strict lesson policies are necessary to ensure that our students maintain regular progress. In order to work efficiently and provide the maximum benefits of music instruction for each student, please respect the following policies.


Studio Policies

❖  Regular attendance: Once students are enrolled in private lesson programs, the scheduled lesson times are reserved for the students with their private instructors. Lessons are continued on a regular schedule while enrollment is valid. Some students miss many lessons on an ongoing basis due to frequent extended family vacations or other excuses which are within the parents' control. Parents should be aware that students who miss too many lessons cannot be expected to make a desirable amount of progress.

❖  Extra lessons: Students may request extra lessons to accelerate their progress. Tuition will be billed separately at prorated rates.

❖  Advanced students: By teacher’s invitation only, students who are willing to participate in competitions must enroll in Stage or Podium Divisions.

❖  No make up: Students cannot be granted make up lessons in cases of illness, family vacation, activities or other inability to attend a lesson.

❖  No transfer: Lesson schedule is non transferrable between students.

❖  Lesson cancellations: All Students must give at least 48 hour

advanced notice for cancellations.

❖  No shows/phone call: If no show occurs more than 3 times, the student will be suspended.

❖  Late arrivals: Students arriving more than 15 minutes late for a private lesson without any notice will be considered absent.

❖  Punctuality: Please arrive on time for your lessons and pick up your children on time after the lessons..

❖  Holidays: The studio follows the Bellevue school district calendar for regular holidays.

❖  Summer lessons: Students may take a break over summer by notifying the studio 30 days before the break. Students in Stage and Podium Divisions must take lessons in summer. Students who do not take lessons in summer, will not be open to following school year enrollment. Make ups and rescheduling are available upon studio’s availabilities only in summer semester (V)

❖  Assessment: assessment made in detailed aspects will be delivered at each lesson. Students who have not achieved grade C or higher in the current semester’s assessment by unfulfilling assignments and requirements or having behavioral issues will not be invited to the renewal.

❖  Health and cleanliness: Students’ temperature will be checked and hand sanitizer will be used before each lesson. All students must wear 94 or 95 masks for higher protection and cover feet with socks. Students shows any symptoms of covid must stay home. Students in contact with covid patient must notify the studio and stay home for 3 days until negative test result is secured. Students traveled by flight must submit negative test result to the studio before returning to their lessons. Students who got covid must notify studio and stay home for at least 2 weeks even if the test shows negative and stay longer if the test continues showing positive.


Tuition Payment

❖ In order to continue next semester, tuition payment must be made by tuition due date.

❖ Payments will be charged automatically until a termination form is submitted.

❖ Tuition that has not been made by the renewal due date automatically terminates current session and opens up the lesson time for other students.

❖ New students enroll in the middle of school year will pay the tuition for the entire semester and the remaining balance will be carried over to the next semester or may select the 4 week-session for unregistered students. The rates are on our website.

❖ Late fees & returned checks: Late payment will occur a $20 late fee charge per week. $30 will be charged for each returned check.



❖  Students in Stage and Podium divisions are eligible for scholarship according to their achievements. $100 for the students who achieved 3 and more 2nd and higher prizes, $200 for the students who received 3 and more first prizes over the school year period. Full amount of scholarship is effective for in person competitions and festivals. Winners at online competitions will receive 50% of the scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded at the spring or summer recital.

❖  Students who show disrespectful attitudes to instructor and students will be disqualified.

Other Fees


❖  Registration includes enrollment for the entire school year, plus the summer term. Anyone wishing to discontinue for any reasons must notify Bellevue Music Academy with a written termination form 30 days prior to their planned date of termination.

❖  Withdrawal: A 50% tuition refund will be given to students withdrawing before the 4th lesson. There will be no refund for students withdrawing after the 4th lesson. A $50 withdrawal fee will apply to all requests for tuition refund. There will be no refund for 1 month semester, semi-private lessons and group lessons

❖  Expulsion: Parents of the students representing a discipline problem or displaying disrespectful behavior will receive emails of warning. Those students will be suspended or expelled upon 3 warnings.

Parents’ Responsibilities: Students whose parents do not read emails issued by BMA, ignore or miss communication by repeatedly failing to respond within 3 days to payment requests, emails and texts messages will be excluded from enrollment for the next semester. Parents must be responsible to answer to all emails or text messages and try to communicate actively with the teacher.

* Policies are subject to change

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